Calling All Soule Sisters!


I need all my Soule Sisters HELP!! SOS!! I am sending Smoke signals!! I am a HUGE person of #change and I love to have new hair styles, but having thin, baby, fine hair there is only so much I can do! So I am asking you to HELP me! I want to know what you think! The good, bad, and the ugly! Don’t hold back either! What styles work? I have fabulous friends that do my hair, but I would love to get more feed back on if I should take the time to grow it out or just ROCK the Short? What colors do you think?  Please send all your thoughts and comments in to


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Lo & Amy Take The 5 To Heart

With the year rocking along it’s easy to get caught up in daily events and forget why we do it all! Amy and I never want to forget how thankful we are for the wonderful things in our lives and why we are so blessed! Here is our top 5.  What are your top 5 things that make you thankful or happy?


Check Out Callie Bobsin

We have been listening to our soule sister Callie Bobsin’s music lately and we love it so much we want to share it with all of you! My personal favorite songs of hers are Back Then and On My Way where she sings about not looking back at your past. Check out her  music video here. You can find her album on I-Tunes now.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.41.02 AM

She has some awesome performances and music videos on youtube where you can catch her rocking the DE356 earrings and other Gypsy gear!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.29.25 AM

We love our SoUlE SiStEr! <3 Also, did we mention that she is the sister of the very own Gypsy Soule® model Carly Twisselman? What a talented family right? We hope you will check her out and show her some Gypsy Love because we LOVE her!! Check her out on Facebook or follow her on Twitter!