Do YOU, no matter your age


By Lorinda Van Newkirk

I’ve talked about it before on this blog…the big 4-0. I’m too busy to get hung up for long on stuff like age. I don’t feel 40, I’m not sure I always act 40…tee hee! But, because of the business I’m in—fashion—I have actually given a lot of thought to whether we should, or how much we should, change our clothing styles as we get older.

So, after a few glasses of wine and a lot of bouncing this around in my head, here’s what I think: wear what you love.


Are there limits to this? Yes. I think skirts can be too short and shirts—like the ones that show belly buttons—can be too skimpy for “women of a certain age.” But, really, I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about—if you’re past 20, maybe pack up the crop tops/half-shirts, ya know? But where general fashion is concerned, I think the days are gone where you could easily identify a “mom” outfit from a “daughter” outfit. I know so many moms and daughters who share clothes! And if you love, love, love a particular piece of clothing or outfit, what’s wrong with wearing it?

I’m known to push the limits where fashion is concerned, so I’m more likely to dress more wildly than some women my age. But, then again, I see women 10 or 15 years older than I am who dress a lot like me—they’ll wear skinny jeans with a few rips, crazy high-heel shoes, freaky bright shirts and big, loud jewelry. And you know what? I’m in awe and amazed at how fantastic they look. The lines of fashion have definitely blurred when it comes to age.


I think it’s because they have this kind of “no limits” attitude. They wear what they love, what makes them happy. Their confidence shows, and they pull it off. You know that old saying: Your smile is the most important thing you can wear? It’s true!

I read something the other day that said women past 40 shouldn’t wear flip-flops. Seriously? What the hell does being 40 have to do with flip-flops? There are some bad-ass flip-flops out there, aren’t there? Another article said “no pants or shorts with elastic waists (no yoga pants?),” “no embellished jeans with rhinestones,” “no dark lipstick,” “no glittery eye shadow,” “no fun.” OK, I added that last part about no fun…

But, I was thinking, “Thanks, ladies, but I’ll decide what works for me. I got this.”

As I’ve aged I’ve gotten wiser, bolder and more adventurous! I think in a lot of ways, my fashion reflects that.

We all have distinct styles, some are wild, some are tame and our tastes can change often. But don’t put a number on your wardrobe, don’t limit yourself and be confident in your choices—leave the numbers to someone else!