Fall Y’all


The first official day of fall this year is September 23. But, once the calendar says “September,” it feels like it’s already fall. And, we’ve had an early September Texas-style cold snap—the highs around here have been in the upper 80s. Ha! But that’s considered cool weather for just about anywhere in the south. I am such a summer girl: the fun trips, the light clothing, the never-ending sunshine. How can you not love flip flop weather?!

But, on to fall, which is a gentle way to usher out the summer season. The weather is so mild and gorgeous. I like the temperature drop, because there are still lots of warm afternoons and early evenings, so it’s like I’m getting weaned off of summer. My dogs are happier and are more energetic when the weather cools, and that, in turn, makes me happy!


I love the changing out of the wardrobe. Fall trends are always plentiful and fresh, more so than any other season. I love the thick fall catalogs full of the rich yellows and reds that come with the season—you know I’m crazy about bright colors! I love that my plants and flowers make one more final surge and bloom. They’re green and happy up until…well, until they freeze their sweet little butts off in the winter.


I like that I wear jeans more. I still love to wear flip-flops with my jeans, but you’ll also see me in boots more. I’m still a ranch girl at heart—love my boots!


Fall, for Lorinda and I, means more travel, and that’s one of the toughest parts of our job. But, it also provides us with inspiration for designing new Gypsy Soule items. I do like that it means fireplace season is around the corner. Those bitter cold winter nights when it gets dark so early, when you rush home and look forward to building a big ol’ fire where you can snuggle under a fluffy blanket in leggings and a roomy t-shirt.

The leaves on the trees put on a show, and, as much as I love the green of summer, seeing blazing orange and fiery red leaves is somehow refreshing. It’s their last hurrah before they’re gone for months—they really do go down in a blaze of glory. I’m watching summer fade into fall—then comes the festivity of Halloween, the celebration of Thanksgiving and the anticipation of the Christmas season. Last of all, fall means it’s time for more hot drinks: hot coffee, hot tea and hot toddies.



A person will always do more than what’s expected if they’re appreciated. In our busy world today, we sometimes overlook the importance of being nice just for the sake of being nice! And this doesn’t just go for employees or co-workers. Think about teachers or the cashier at your grocery store, your hairdresser, your parents or grandparents, your dog groomer, even your kids! The list is endless.

I think it’s super important to compliment people: magnify their strengths, not weaknesses! And, encourage, encourage, encourage! Lots of times it doesn’t take much at all to brighten someone’s day, just a teeny tiny bit of effort. I like words of affirmation. Whether it’s in an email, a handwritten note, or in person, just saying: “Hey, thanks for all of your hard work. It is noticed.” It feels good to say it, but I know it feels better to hear it. This can go for your boss, your employees, your friends, your husband or significant other…anyone that you notice is always working hard.

Acts of kindness, even tiny ones, are HUGE! Buy someone their favorite drink or snack—and the first step to that is finding out what someone’s favorite little things are! Does your neighbor like cupcakes? Pick one up from the store and deliver it as a surprise! Bring a teacher her favorite drink or snack at the end of a long school day. Buy your loved one his or her favorite treat, for no reason at all. Small rewards to show appreciation go such a long way!

I’ve read lots of stories about the “pay it forward” movement…I don’t know if it’s a movement…but, whatever. When a person does something like pick up a check for a family at a restaurant, or buys the person’s drink in line behind them. In turn, the people receiving those gifts will, hopefully, return the favor at some point. Such a cool concept!

I read a bittersweet little something the other day. A man had decided, after 30 years, to write a short note of thanks to one of his teachers. The man had grown up in a very rural and poor town in West Virginia. This teacher had opened the boy’s eyes to so many things, and he regretted never thanking her. So, he sat down and penned a letter. A few weeks later, he received a handwritten note in return from the teacher, who was now in her 80s living a lonely existence, but nevertheless grateful for the man’s show of gratitude. The teacher wrote in the note that, in her 50 years of teaching, his was the only note of appreciation she had ever received—she went on to express how much his letter warmed her heart. Wow. Something so simple, yet so profound—and we’re all capable of something like this!

These little things, like kind words and small gifts, they’re uplifting. They renew optimism and they warm hearts. Gratitude is such a noble attribute, and one that’s often lost in today’s world of texts and emails and impersonal communications. I think when I show thankfulness to others, it makes me realize all the blessings in my life. And that, in turn, makes me more grateful.


Don’t Look Back


I saw an awesome quote the other day: “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Wow! How profound. I don’t know why, but human nature has cursed all of us a bit—we too often dwell on the past when there’s not a thing we can do to change it. It can be something small, or something earth-shattering, but regardless of the size of our regrets, y’all, there is no going back. And I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow sometimes. I think people who are heavy sleepers are crazy-lucky because it’s incredibly miserable to awaken at 3 a.m., only to be visited by your unwelcome past—all those mistakes and missteps love to bang around inside our heads in the middle of the night.

I’m a firm believer that everything seems worse when you’re tired, and chewing on old bad news when you’re lying awake in bed is akin to being forced to eat a cauliflower steak: it’s distasteful and downright wrong! (Have y’all seen those on Pinterest? A big ol’ slice of cauliflower grilled like a steak? Nasty! But, I’m digressing…) I once had a sweet little old lady (who lived to be 99 years old, by the way) tell me: “Once you’ve made a tough decision, it’s done. Never look back, regardless of the outcome.” I believe that little gem of wisdom, and I do my best to follow it. Because, here’s the deal: when we go back and second-guess our decisions and revisit our regrets, we somehow think things would’ve been perfect if we’d just chosen a different path. That’s just not so. Why, you ask? Because, there are no guarantees. In our pretty little heads, we’ll design a past created out of “I should’ve” and “I could’ve” and “if I had only,” and, well, maybe that past would’ve created a perfect future, but maybe not!

I could look back on my life, my career, and second-guess a few decisions (yeah, y’all know I’ve probably done that…who hasn’t?). But, all of my decisions, good and bad, have led me to where I am today. Should I have gone straight to a school that specialized in design? Maybe. But, I didn’t. I went to Texas Tech, and every step I made from the time I graduated from high school and departed that big, sweet, secure ranch I called home has been a journey.

They were my choices, my mistakes, my triumphs and, on occasion, my sorrows. But, stacked atop one another, they’ve made me who I am. In the light of day, I’m unapologetic about who I am. So, gals, let’s make a pact. Flee the past, keep your eyes on the horizon, and whatever you do, don’t look back, you’re not going that way!

Treating ourselves!


So, we love, love, love treating ourselves…who doesn’t? But, for us, a treat isn’t always something extravagant, it’s usually something little that uplifts us and helps us through the day. It brings mental freshness to our crazy, hectic lives.

Here’s some of the stuff we love to “gift” to ourselves:

1.)  Lorinda: TEA

What? Tea? Yes, tea! I’m not a coffee drinker! I love to grab the biggest cup, fill it with lots of ice and then unsweet tea. There’s something about a fresh cup, fresh ice and freshly brewed tea…and unwrapping that straw…it’s like a tiny present to me! One of my favorite places to grab an iced tea is In-n-Out Burger. They have super delish tea, but it also reminds me of my old home in southern California. I don’t want to move back, but it’s still fun and nostalgic for me. I also love tea—extra ice please!—from Sonic and Chick-Fil-A.


2.)  Amy: COFFEE

Yes, I admit it, I’m a total coffee snob. But, you won’t usually see me at Starbucks or the local coffee café. I make mine at home. It’s a fantastic kick-start to my day, it’s always freshly brewed, and it’s the best coffee around!


3.)  Lorinda: COLD COKES with LEMON

I don’t drink Coke a lot, but when I’m really craving a decadent treat, I’ll pour myself a REAL Coke on ice. When I’m at the office working and I’m stressed out, that little bitty, teeny-tiny thing—a 12 ounce Coke—can bring such peace of mind. Fresh cup, fresh ice, cold Coke!



Yeah, y’all, I grew up on a ranch. Yes, we raised cattle. I don’t know if that’s why I love a good cheeseburger or not, but oh my gosh, I do! And it doesn’t have to be from a fancy place, I love Whataburger and McDonalds, too. So, if I’m in need of a pick-me-up, that’s what I go for. No, it’s not expensive or fancy, but dang it’s good.


5.)  Amy & Lorinda: PILATES & YOGA/WORKING OUT

Amy: I make it a point to go to Pilates at least twice a week. I’m not gonna go on Saturday, I go during the week. It’s one date I won’t cancel. Pilates is a huge break and treat for me. It’s my time to get away from the office and take part in something that’s so good for me, mentally and physically. I recharge my batteries and it makes me much easier to be around!

Lorinda: Yoga or working out! It’s amazing how a good sweat can change your whole out look on a day or something crazy that happened in your day.  Most of the time, okay all of the time I go 90 to nothing. I was born with natural crack in my blood. Working out keeps me in balance and makes my mind thinK straight. Or if all else fails I just go to a barrel race with Prince and all is one!


So, those are a few of the things that keep us going. We believe it’s important for women to do special things for themselves, because we deserve it, y’all! Figure out some little stuff that makes you happy and refreshes you, because if you’re joyful, it’ll make everyone around you more joyful, too!

True To You

Ever heard the saying: To thine own self be true? I love it! Why? Because it says: own who you are. I’m all about that, sisters.  And I hope you are too!! It means never apologizing for who you are or what you love. Be as kind as you can, do all the good you can, as much as you can, but never, never forget who you are!
I was fortunate ~ although I grew up in a world full of cowboys on a beautiful historic ranch in Texas where the standard style was cowboy boots, Wranglers and a cowboy hat, I was never given to hard a time about my crazy sense of fashion and my free spirit.  I was even encouraged ~ imagine that!  When I was younger I couldn’t help myself ~ the wilder the outfit the better.  With age it has changed some ~ my shorts aren’t quite as short ~ but the freedom to express myself through my outfits has never changed.
IMG_1005 copy
Maybe you’re conservative, maybe you’re not.  Maybe you love to talk and you’re loud and boisterous, maybe you’re a wallflower.  Maybe you’re super sexy and always put together like a model, maybe you prefer messy buns, giant t-shirts, loose shorts and zero makeup.  It doesn’t matter ~ be the YOU that you were meant to be.  I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t tell you that there are days when the looks I get make me doubt my choice in outfits, the crazy thoughts that come out of my mouth or even the dance moves I might throw out there during markets.  But, even if I have a moment of doubt, I take a deep breath, throw back my shoulders and hold my head high.  I can’t help the way I am ~ and I don’t even want to.  I can promise you this sisters, if you always hold your head high when you walk in a room you will not only be who you were meant to be, but you also might actually encourage others to own it!
I have a friend who has to fix up for work. She’s always told people, “If you saw me on the weekend, you wouldn’t recognize me.” She told me a story about going to Target on a Saturday, passing a co-worker in one of the aisles, and the co-worker walked right past her because she didn’t recognize my friend, who had on no makeup, a messy pony tail and a weathered old t-shirt and shorts. Seriously! My friend, who also happens to be very outspoken, wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. She accepts who she is and thought it was hilarious that she looked so rough she was basically incognito!
Not everyone will like you, but that doesn’t mean you need to change. At the end of the day, when you lay your pretty little head on your fluffy little pillow, you’ll sleep well knowing you’re true to yourself.  Never give up on you and never give up on your dreams ~  God made us who we are and we should never deny that.
Be unrepentant about who you are!