Amy’s Thoughts On Turning 40


As I embark on the beginning of the last segment of the “Amy is turning 40 Tour”, as I like to call it, so many thoughts come to mind about this new decade I am entering.  Most of all excitement!

I have known women, for lack of better words, who freak out (such appropriate language for a woman of my age) when they hit this decade.  Not me, I am going to wear it like a badge of honor!!!  I am proud of the lessons I have learned & character I have built in the first 40 years and only excited to see what lies ahead in the next 40.  I am proud of the inner strength and calm I have found with each decade.  I am proud that I can stand on my own two feet and feel strong in my beliefs.  I am proud that the older I get the more comfortable I get being ME!!!  I have always known who I was, actually never had a doubt ~ but now I am not apologizing nor hiding any part of it.  I know those of you that have known me my whole life can’t believe that I haven’t always embraced it, but as many young women finding themselves we always hold a little back of who we know we are & who we know we can be.  I am encouraging you to do that now ~ regardless of the age.  My goal for this decade?  To be all I can be & to be the best at it.  I am also picking who I want to be ~ not who the others feel I should be.  I am encouraging you to do the same ~ no matter what decade you are in!!!!

So here are my words of advise  ~ or my top 6 (yea I know most people do 5, so what?) of what I learned and want to continue to work on.  I know you didn’t ask, but I am gonna tell ya.   See what happens when you turn 40?  You get even bossier!!!

  1. Be Kind ~ we have no idea what battle others may be fighting.  We have no idea what a smile or kind word could do for someone.  Take the time.  Be Humble ~ Be Kind ~ Be Generous ~ Be A Role Model.
  2. Live Life  ~ Live Out Loud~ don’t care if people stare when you walk in the room in your petticoats and boots.  Don’t care if you have the loudest laugh in the room.  Don’t care if those who are jealous whisper ~ SHOW them all you got and all God gave you.   NEVER EVER BE AFRAID TO BE YOU & LIVE!!!  Throw your shoulders back and hold your head high.
  3. Be young while you are young ~ have no regrets!!! See the world!! I loved the things I could “get away with” in my youth!!!!  They taught me more than you can know.  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think 40 isn’t young ~ I have lots yet to do and I have no regrets thus far ~ even on the bad days. I won’t wonder if the grass is ever greener on the other side of the pasture as I grow old ~ I have already visited that pasture!  Live Life ~ but please don’t forget yourself as you strive to please others and live life.
  4. Waste no days ~ sometimes at the end of a hectic Monday I am only looking forward to Friday. My goal this decade?  To quit wishing away time.  One Monday, as I was driving home exhausted and frustrated, wishing it was Friday, it hit me ~ how many people would give just one more day to be with their loved ones who have passed on?  Days are precious ~ the good ones and the bad ones.  Cherish them all ~ we only have a limited amount on this Earth.
  5. Love other women ~ Lean on other women ~ Don’t hate or be jealous.  I can’t tell you how important this one is.  I have had so many women pull me down, tell me I am crazy, not believe in me, think I dressed like an idiot, I wanted their man and the list can only go on.  Why would we do that?  Why would we tear our own down?  It takes all kinds to make this world go around as women ~ Stay At Home Moms, Teachers, Babysitters, CEOS, Athletes, Career Women to only name a few.  Ladies, we have to work together ~ not against each other if we want to be taken seriously in this mans world.  Believe in Each Other ~ end of story, no ifs and or buts!!!  I have a female partner in business ~ and because we believe in each other, forgive each other, love each other and work with each other we get to live our dream everyday ~ & its been a damn good ride.
  6. And the last and one of the most important ~ Never stop dreaming, Never stop believing in the dreams & Never stop helping others believe in their dreams.  Dreams become reality if you believe and work hard.

I have been wearing petticoats and living large for 40 years and I am not stopping.  My goal is to wear my best petticoat and do cartwheels at the 80th Birthday Bash I know my awesome friends are going to throw for me.
I am sure that more wrinkles will come, more gray hair, more pounds ~ but I have earned them.  I am not taking one minute for granted ~nor should you.  I am not going to quite learning, messing up or living.  See the world, love life, live your dream.  Oh yea and watch out 40’s and the world because here I come!!!