The Bandwagon: To Do List

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Not sure how to express how crazy it has been since the TO DO POST or if I should just say I’m sorry! Yes I said in it that every few weeks I would post and now it’s been almost 3 months. I just wanted everyone to have lots of time to get everything done.

 So here is a recap of the To Do List!

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So I will go through my list with you and share where we are in it.

Name of the Company: 
Crossed by Gypsy Soule®

YES, we trademark everything!

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So important so you know who wants your product. How will it sell? How will it work? I think Amy and I have been researching this for YEARS!!

Business Plan: YES, it is done and it has to be updated and re-done all the time if you are looking for $$$ investors or loans from banks. Make it fun to do. It’s your treasure map of where you are going and how great your company is going to be.

Doesn’t everyone love this. Most people starting companies don’t have a budget because they are starting on whatever they can get their hands on, and that’s okay, just know what is important when spending money and that you have invested in the right things from the start! That’s why all the research and business plan is so important. It helps you get to what is important in your budget.

Time Line: You need to stay on track with a timeline. Going off of  your time line will affect your budget and your business plan.

Find your team or your people. 
In all of this process, I am always thinking, who would be great for the new company. Who would get it? Who would love to be a part of the SisterHood?

Hire Professionals: 
No matter what, you need to take the time to find the right accountant, lawyers or consultants. Don’t wait until you need them to find them, you will be making decisions out of distress. Yes, we have this done!

Bank Accounts etc…I have to say I don’t have all this done so this week I will get on it! 
I have to get the bank account open and the merchant account set up! 
Along with a long list of other things to do!

Since I wrote the blog in November, I have been to China, NFR, Cali for Christmas, Denver & Dallas Market along with remodeling my house. The only reason I am telling you all of this is because life happens and it happens fast. So grasp onto your dreams, it’s easy to let the busy life you are living take you on a different path. I wanted to launch this company in March and now it’s May….. 
Crossed by Gypsy Soule® is #GameChanging, it’s passion, and it’s going to make a difference in people’s lives.  Amy, our crew, and I can’t wait to tell the world.

So let’s get down to business. I am going to finish my list this week and we will start NEXT week on our new to do list. So we all got a go free card this week to get it everything checked off! If you are super on the ball and got it all done it’s a great time to double check everything that you have done.

Come on Soule Sista lets DREAM BIG and Never Look Back!

Have a GypsyFAbulous WEEK

Love your GypsySister Lo

One thought on “The Bandwagon: To Do List

  1. so nice to read your positive comments on starting a new business. looks like i am on the right path so far. so happy to be part of your team. barbara was so helpful in getting us set up with the merchandise while at dallas market. thanks again

    The Flirty Chick

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