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Home! And so happy to be here~ China, Vegas, LA, Denver and now Dallas! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be home, even if I’m not really home right now. Yes, did I forget to tell you I’m in the middle of a remodel of my home of 7 years…? You know when they tell you 90 days that turns into 120 day then that turns into forever. Not to mention I am married to Mr. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT!

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On my way home from the office today I went by to look at the new paint colors I am “agreeing to” so I can finally go HOME! So for tonight, I have to pick out what I want for my closet! Yes I have added a full blown Gypsy Sister Closet! I need to show off all my goodies! Boots, belts and all of my outfits.

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I have spent several hours on Pinterest. I just can’t decide…..Should I just make it white or should I make it black.. or pink… or green ?? HELP Sisters!! I am asking for your advice! What should I do? What should I not do? Please e-mail me your idea’s to 
[email protected] I need all the Help I can get! These are some idea’s I like??

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  1. Hey Lo-honey, you just keep on adding to that closet so I can run next door and prowl through it! And let’s get you some WD belts in there too ! I think I will zip over and snoop around? LOL

    • You know I always love to add to my closet!! Can’t wait for you to check it out when it’s all finished!!

  2. I love the bottom one- looks very Texas chic! Junk Gypsy meet Shabby Chic! Cowboys and angels, leather and lace….. that is what gypsy soule is all about!!! it would be cool to have brightly painted walls – like terracotta with a cooper petina ( that looks kind of turquoise like overlay)

    Love gypsy soule- I have about 20 pairs. 😉

    • I like the way you think, sister, brilliant ideas!! Thanks for the help and keep rockin’ your Gypsy Soules!!

  3. White white white… I live Sherwin Williams ” Monroe bisque “. It is a beautiful soft creamy white. Elegant !!!! Good luck!!!!!

    • I love that idea, but I just can’t decide between the elegant neutrals or going bold and bright!! Thank you so much for your ideas and I love hearing about your Gypsy Soules!! Awesome!!

  4. Sherwin Williams “Monroe Bisque” it is incredible! Not stark white …. But an elegant creamy color that would compliment any color clothing and shoes you add to you elegant closet space!! You will absolutely LOVE it!! Satin finish!!! Good luck. Go get a sample and paint a strip or two!!! Set back and be Prepared to be impressed!!!! Shirley!!! Gypsy Soule sisters rock!!!! Our son and daughter n Law got me bling bling sandals for Christmas…. So far I have bought (3) more pair!!! Love love them!!!!!!

  5. I like the hot pink, but without the chandelier’s on the wall. clearly you like chandeliers so put one in the middle of the room. and you must have the zebra print hind. wood floors and a hugh gold mirror. lots of cowgirl boots and sandals. I like the book latter with the shoes, and the racks of clothes looks like the good will, clean it up so you can see what you have. can’t wait to see the finished look.

    • You have lots of great suggestions, definitely keeping them in mind!! I’m loving the pink, but torn between the bright pink and basic neutrals with fun and bold decor!! I of course will have lots of shoes to complete the look!! Thanks for all the ideas!!

  6. WowSerS…I envy you & a HUGE closet is every gals dream (well, if she is crazy for fashion n boots & jewelry)! I would for sure go with either whit or black. That way you can use color as accent pieces. Also the natural light will help with looking at color of outfits & of course applying war~paint aka make-up! Can’t wait to see the finished outcome!
    GooD LuCk GypsY*SouLe
    Xoxo Cookie

    • I am so excited to have my dream closet, but deciding on what look to go with has been more difficult than I anticipated!! I really like the idea of going with black or white, but part of me still wants to go big and bold! Thanks for your help, girl!!

    • I agree, I definitely want something bold and daring, but still torn on whether to go all pink or have neutrals with bold accents! Thanks for your help!!

  7. Love the pink wall and the zebra rug below!!! Make it a fun closet!!! A GYPSY SISTER closet can’t be white!!! GYPSY SISTERS are bold!!!!!! Keep us posted and let us know what u decide!!!!!!

    • The pink walls are amazing, but still so torn between all my choices! Regardless, I will go fun and bold though!! Thanks for your help!!

  8. I say make it your own little get away with nice soothing colors. Neutral colors with a pearl Sheen. Then give it some pop!! Make a place to day hey home!! Now let’s get back too it. Oh Jacalynn says definitely the big chandelier is a must!!

    • I like the sound of having my own little get away!! The neutral with lots of pop is a great idea, but I love the excitement of the pink too!! Having a big chandelier is one of my favorite ideas!! Thanks for the help!!

  9. I immediately saw picture three and saw Gypsy Soule flowing through tne room. The colors, layout, and soul of the room are perfect. The mirrow draws the eye to the center msking the room look bigger and the houndstooth chair adds the final pizzaz. Of course no matter ehich layout you pick as long as you have Gypsy Soul filling the shelves it will be awesome!

    Nancy Stolz

    • I agree, I love that one too, and all the awesome details!! Making my final decision sure is tough!!
      Oh yes, I will definitely have all of my Gypsy Soule everywhere to complete the final look!! Thanks for all of your help!!

  10. Lorinda. I spent months designing my closet,we built our house 3 years ago and at the end there were so many decisions to be made and I just kept going back into the closet. I researched different places like California closets and the container store. Ended up going with the cabinet guys that did our custom cabinets in the kitchen building everything out for me. I really like it , everyone that comes over refers to it as the Barbie closet because its so pink. There are a few things I would change about it…but I’m quite happy. Your welcome to come see it next week when your in town for market,I’m about 10 min north on tollway.

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