Family & Vegas

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We’re off to Sin City. This is the last run of our market trips until the fall. I think today about killed me when it came time for me to leave the house. I leaned down to kiss Jaylee goodbye, and for once she had tears in her eyes as I told her that she had to take care of daddy and charley, they were in bed with the flu, and Sarah (our baby sitter) would be there in an about an hour. She hugged me so tight…  She never cares if I leave. It’s usually bye mom and see-ya when you get back. I am so lucky to have such great kids. I tell them all the time it’s great to miss the ones you love. It makes you appreciate them more, or at lest that is what I have been telling myself…but now I say bullshit…

This week our house is finally finished after almost 5 months of remodeling.  It has been a long time since I have been home. I think I might be trading in my gypsy card for a homebody card instead…


I really don’t have any advice about today other than it SUCKED.  I have been stopped so many times by mom’s that read my blogs and they tell me thank you for sharing because they have the same feelings that I have, and it SUCKS for all of us! I have to look at the positive in all of this though, I am raising my girls with having a career that I love, and there is always is a price you have to pay. There is a price for anything in life. What are you willing to pay for what you want? I know Gypsy Soule could be even better and bigger, but Amy and I try to keep the balance of work and our family life, although some days it doesn’t feel like it. The minute my feet hit the ground when I get back to Texas this Friday I will soon become a volleyball and dance mom and I can’t wait!!! My girls live to make their mom and dad proud, but they pick things they love to do and they have passion about them… just like my parents taught me to do.

As bad as my heart hurts, and I am sick to my stomach that I had to leave, I have to look forward to getting to Vegas to see my mom that will be there. Because we live so far apart from each other, she is happy to see me. However, I have to remember that when its time for us to say goodbye to each other, she feels the same sadness I feel when I have to leave my two girls also…kind of twisted I guess…


So for today there is always something to be thankful for and maybe a little lesson in there about life as well. With hurt and pain, God will always bring in the light of something good.

My Dreams & Family

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Let the madness begin! 5:00am my feet hit the floor. I have to be at DFW by 8:30am. I keep my focus getting ready and packing, so my eyes will not fill with tears by me thinking about how much I will miss my girls and Joel. It will be 10 days before they will come to Vegas.  I am glad that starting Monday morning, the madness of booth building will begin until we open on Thursday. We will be going right into getting everything lined out for the NRS & MGM Fashion show on Friday night.

Amy and I love keeping our plate full to the max. Yes, we are crazy. With me being so crazy busy the first 6 days in Vegas and the time change it’s hard to call at the right time or Skype the girls, but you work it out.  It was fun this morning hiding notes all over the house for the girls to find the 10 days I am gone.  I even made them a count down with fun notes from Mom for them to read everyday.  I have a few fun activities for them to do with their Dad and the babysitter so it will pass the time.

I know I am not the only Mom that has to leave their kids several times a year and it’s hard on all of us.  My girls have a Mom that loves to work. I am very driven. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes wish when they where younger that I would just want to stay home with them.  I have come to realize I can’t change what is in my blood. I am a better Mom for embracing who I am and what kind of mother I will be for them.  I am not saying it’s doesn’t rip my heart out every time I get on a plane to china or where ever I am going.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom embrace who you are. Do not sell yourself short.  Be the best mom you can be and don’t give yourself up. Keep doing the things that make you. Make YOU the amazing person that their dad fell in love with and the person that wanted to be as a  mother to your kids.

Talk to your kids about what you love, and what makes you have passion for life.

My girls love to hear about all that I see and the pictures I take. Yes, when they get older they are going to go with me.  My Dad always told me to find out what you love and find a why to make money at it so you just don’t have to have a job, you will have a passion for your life.  I want my girls to have that to.  School never showed me what I was going to be. It helps me get there, but living my life showed me the path to where I am today.  I am excited as my girls get older so I can show them the opportunities they will have with having dreams and lots of hard work.

So as I step off the plane in all the lights and glitter, I know what is real. I know what my real life is. I know what grounds me. I know who I am and love being a Gypsy Sister, a mother and a wife.  Own who you are and keep dreaming!


LEts maKe ToDaY DaNcE On ThE TabLe DaY!

I think things have been crazy for everyone lately. Let’s take a deep breath, pour a big glass of champagne and dance on the table!

Life can get crazy this time of year. Let’s remember at the end of all the work, shopping, and hustle and bustle, it’s really all about family!

So bring on the Christmas cheer in full Gypsy Soule style!

Merry Christmas Love LO!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, & Own It


I am sure everyone is saying,  Lorinda must be in Heaven!


Christmas, New Years and of course my birthday are always the best times of the year to rock the bling. Jaylee and I (my youngest daughter) went shopping today and it was like I was in heaven with all the shine! I honestly think I could wear sequins 365 days a year: my friends and family would say 366.

So I know a lot of you are thinking or saying, “It’s just not me” or maybe “I could never pull that off.” Well Sister now is the time to do it and there are so many fun & stylish ways to do it as well.

Let’s make the rest of your 2012 BOLD and SHINY.

Maybe you can just start with your nails or some sparkle eye shadow.

Or how about a bold necklace or earrings? Also, tank tops under sweaters are a great way to show some shine.

I know I would love to wear glitter from head to toe but I also know that would be an over dose of the shine too. I guess all that I am trying to say is make dressing up exciting and get excited about it! Be BOLD, Be BEAUTIFUL, and Own IT!

I thought I just might include a Gypsy-Sister Secret: If you’re not feeling  bold one day as you should be, I always have a drink! Everything looks better after a shot of whiskey!!!

So get out there sisters and get your shine on!



Millions From One

Press Release for Gypsy Soule

The Gypsy Soule company based in Weatherford, Texas, has built their company with values that inspire and instill confidence in women through their unique shoe line and accessories. Lorinda Van Newkirk and Amy Moorehouse, the founding partners of Gypsy Soule, have always had the desire to give back to their community.

Now, this heart of generosity has emerged with a global impact. In August of 2012, Gypsy Soule contacted New River Fellowship and Millions from One partner, Bill Ford, to discuss impacting women in third world countries by donating shoes to help them create micro enterprises. The shoes become the “seeds” that help these new women business owners create startup capital through the sales of these products that were gifted to them from Gypsy Soule. These women will then have the capital to purchase more products to continue their small enterprise. With the help of the global outreach team from New River, Millions from One was able to pick up over 2,000 pairs of Gypsy Soule shoes where they will be transported to the Mission Barnabus team in Kenya. MFO will also distribute these shoes in Guatemala to help women start businesses there.

MFO was very excited about this opportunity because of their passion for shoes. In 2007, MFO began producing antimicrobial shoes. The antimicrobial property of their shoes prevents many of the leading causes of disease in impoverished living conditions. Need. They are now helping in more than 45 countries and have been responsible for the distribution of a million pairs of these “right” shoes. To learn more about these organizations, go, to their website: and