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Let the madness begin! 5:00am my feet hit the floor. I have to be at DFW by 8:30am. I keep my focus getting ready and packing, so my eyes will not fill with tears by me thinking about how much I will miss my girls and Joel. It will be 10 days before they will come to Vegas.  I am glad that starting Monday morning, the madness of booth building will begin until we open on Thursday. We will be going right into getting everything lined out for the NRS & MGM Fashion show on Friday night.

Amy and I love keeping our plate full to the max. Yes, we are crazy. With me being so crazy busy the first 6 days in Vegas and the time change it’s hard to call at the right time or Skype the girls, but you work it out.  It was fun this morning hiding notes all over the house for the girls to find the 10 days I am gone.  I even made them a count down with fun notes from Mom for them to read everyday.  I have a few fun activities for them to do with their Dad and the babysitter so it will pass the time.

I know I am not the only Mom that has to leave their kids several times a year and it’s hard on all of us.  My girls have a Mom that loves to work. I am very driven. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes wish when they where younger that I would just want to stay home with them.  I have come to realize I can’t change what is in my blood. I am a better Mom for embracing who I am and what kind of mother I will be for them.  I am not saying it’s doesn’t rip my heart out every time I get on a plane to china or where ever I am going.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom embrace who you are. Do not sell yourself short.  Be the best mom you can be and don’t give yourself up. Keep doing the things that make you. Make YOU the amazing person that their dad fell in love with and the person that wanted to be as a  mother to your kids.

Talk to your kids about what you love, and what makes you have passion for life.

My girls love to hear about all that I see and the pictures I take. Yes, when they get older they are going to go with me.  My Dad always told me to find out what you love and find a why to make money at it so you just don’t have to have a job, you will have a passion for your life.  I want my girls to have that to.  School never showed me what I was going to be. It helps me get there, but living my life showed me the path to where I am today.  I am excited as my girls get older so I can show them the opportunities they will have with having dreams and lots of hard work.

So as I step off the plane in all the lights and glitter, I know what is real. I know what my real life is. I know what grounds me. I know who I am and love being a Gypsy Sister, a mother and a wife.  Own who you are and keep dreaming!


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  1. I love this!!! I’m at the point in my life where I’m searching and wanting something else. I started traveling(short small contract jobs) and this is the first thing I’ve read that doesn’t make me feel guilty for leaving my husband and kids. I become a better mother when I can work! Love being a Gypsy!!!

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