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Press Release for Gypsy Soule

The Gypsy Soule company based in Weatherford, Texas, has built their company with values that inspire and instill confidence in women through their unique shoe line and accessories. Lorinda Van Newkirk and Amy Moorehouse, the founding partners of Gypsy Soule, have always had the desire to give back to their community.

Now, this heart of generosity has emerged with a global impact. In August of 2012, Gypsy Soule contacted New River Fellowship and Millions from One partner, Bill Ford, to discuss impacting women in third world countries by donating shoes to help them create micro enterprises. The shoes become the “seeds” that help these new women business owners create startup capital through the sales of these products that were gifted to them from Gypsy Soule. These women will then have the capital to purchase more products to continue their small enterprise. With the help of the global outreach team from New River, Millions from One was able to pick up over 2,000 pairs of Gypsy Soule shoes where they will be transported to the Mission Barnabus team in Kenya. MFO will also distribute these shoes in Guatemala to help women start businesses there.

MFO was very excited about this opportunity because of their passion for shoes. In 2007, MFO began producing antimicrobial shoes. The antimicrobial property of their shoes prevents many of the leading causes of disease in impoverished living conditions. Need. They are now helping in more than 45 countries and have been responsible for the distribution of a million pairs of these “right” shoes. To learn more about these organizations, go, to their website: and




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