Kicking off 2013

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How is your year kicking off? 
Is it crazy and out of control? 
Did you make a ton of goals for yourself?

Okay sisters it’s time to make this your year! Amy and I are going to make it ours! A friend recently told me that I was like a duck?? Yes, a duck in the madder of on top of the water, I looked like I was just cruising along, but under the water my legs were going 600 miles an hour. Yes, that is me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

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Hmmm….I think I have been told that a time or two! My point is all of my running around is really not getting anywhere. 2013 is going to be a great year for Gypsy Soule and me personally with how I handle things… at least that is the goal I am shooting for, and if I don’t get it right today I still have tomorrow. That is the great thing about life. Let go of yesterday, and get ready to do better tomorrow.

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The reason I asked those questions earlier is because I want to think about how I’m kicking off this year. If things are not the way I would like them to be, what can I do to change them or make them better? Some things in your life, you can’t change BUT what can you do to change your outlook on what is going on in your life? 
Crazy and out of control is the story of our life and we do that to ourselves most of the time. This last week I think it really hit me that I am almost 40! ME 40!!! I have always never looked at my life in numbers, ever, but again time is flying by and I want to enjoy it more. How do you get control of the craziness in your life? For me, I SLOW DOWN and stop being that duck or just maybe just start with taking a deep breath at least!

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Goals. Goals. Goals! How many of you set a ton of goals for the New Year? I think you can tell what is mine! What does not work out today I always have tomorrow! Goals are so great to set and work towards, but don’t over set them or set too many, so that it makes you feel discourage. Take them one day at a time. Little rewards along the way always seem to help too!

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