Brave ~ should you go or no?

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Brave is the story of Princess Merida who is brought up in the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch. Merida is a fearless, head strong teenage girl who would rather shoot arrows than be lady like and use proper etiquette like a future queen is suppose to.

After a heated argument with her mother, Merida says some mean things to her mother and tells her that she has never been there for her and leaves the castle. She desperately wants to change her fate and is led to a crazy witch who makes Merida a spell that is suppose to change her mother’s mind about the marriage that is in the form of a tasty looking desert. When the queen eats the magical cake, it’s not her mind that is changed; she instead turns into a bear that resembles the bear that took Merida’s fathers, King Fergus, leg. Merida and her mother go into the forest in hopes of finding the witch so that she can fix the spell. When they get to the witch’s cottage she is no longer there and tells Merida that her bond with her mother must be restored. Through their journey, as they race against time, they both have to learn to rely on each other to survive. While back at the castle, Merida’s three mischievous, desert loving brother eat the spell filled cake and they also turn into three adorable bear cubs. They help Merida and their mother by keeping their father and his guest busy as they hunt for the queen bear.

In the end, Merida realizes that her mother has always been there for her and she takes responsibility for the spell that changed her mother to begin with. This movie had great music and I especially liked how different it was from all other princess movies. Merida knows that she wants something different then what has been planned for her and she knows the type of woman she wants to become but lacks the communication skills to translate it to her mother. I felt that this movie was touching and very funny. The audience was laughing throughout most of the movie. It did however have a couple of parts where some booty and cleavage was shown. This movie is definitely worth seeing!



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