Amy & Lorinda’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It is overwhelming to see all the posts on Facebook of people taking the ALS challenge from grown ups to kids everyone is getting involved.  Social Media can be such a great positive tool.  Here at Gypsy Land, Amy, my two girls and I all took the challenge along with donating to our friend Jeye Johnson’s mother who has ALS. Jeye has been a friend to all of us for over 10 years. Amy or I never even knew her mother was ill. I am so glad she wrote about her mother on her Facebook page so we know how we can help her. If you would like to donate to her mother here is her address…

Lorry Warren
c/o David Bass
10019 Silver Mountain Dr
Austin, TX 78737


We were challenged by our good friend Kyle to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Here is the end result! Don’t you love how they put their own twist on it!




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