Ummmm you knew we would have to read it…

Have you heard all the hype?  Fifty Shades of Grey.  I read an article online several months ago about this book and then immediately downloaded it and then proceeded to read all three books in a weekend.  Needless to say the article sparked my interest.  This book is not for the faint of heart.  It is a typical corny love story, that isn’t even written that well.  The kicker is, it’s kinky.  REALLY KINKY.  I am not even going to attempt to write a review of the book, just open up the discussion about the book.  The jokes have been running rampant about lonely housewives kick starting their sex lives after reading this book.  Some have even predicted a Fifty Shades baby boom (okay Magic Mike is supposedly going to help with it) in about nine months.  Women everywhere are openly reading one of the dirtiest books I have ever read.  Believe me when I say that, I have actually read some dirty books.  Don’t judge!Stores of the ADULT nature are seeing a huge rise in sales, ‘Toy Parties” or as my friends and I call them “Tupperware Parties” are being booked left and right.  Couples everywhere are tying each other up and playing with whips, crops and paddles.  It has also opened up the conversation about sex.  Not that sex wasn’t already everywhere, but we aren’t talking about just plain ole vanilla sex here, we are talking about dominant/submissive role playing.

Stores can’t keep the book on the shelves, at least the stores that are willing to sell it.  The movie rights have already been sold and they are currently in the casting phase. (I can’t imagine how complicated the filming is going to have to be, for it to not be a straight up porn).  I was watching Bethany the other day and she was talking about it.  She was walking around asking audience members what they thought and one woman really stood out to me.  She basically said that she didn’t think this book was good, and would definitely not want younger less experienced girls to read it.  Not to give away the book, but the basis of it is….

Rich guy meets virgin young college student, they ‘date’ and she is immediately thrust into his world of sexual deviance/behavior.  He is domineering and controlling in and out of the bedroom.  The woman expressed her opinion very eloquently, better than I am doing here.  Young girls don’t need to idealize men who are controlling and domineering, we shouldn’t be teaching our daughters that this is what love is, or that this is okay.  Oh yeah he also has stalker tendencies.

Now I don’t know if I agree with her 100% or not.  Hopefully you have taught your daughters to think for themselves and be able to see this book for what it is…entertainment.

If you consider yourself a prude, don’t read it; you probably won’t enjoy it.  If you are the adventurous, love a good romance novel type, read it; you will probably enjoy it.

If you have already read it, we would love to know what you think of it?  Did you like it?
Do you think it sends the wrong message to young girls?  Do you think there will be a fifty shades baby boom?  What did your husband or significant other think about you reading it?  Does he know?

Tell us about it Gypsy Sisters, we want to hear from you!

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