The Auctioneers Go Big Time

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I am so overly excited I can’t even see straight! Yes, next week is the big week for my sister Johan and my dad Earl.  They are the NEW auctioneers on A&E’s Storage Wars. It has been so hard not to tell everyone about it for all these months, but we can finally tell the world now! My dad has been an auctioneer for over 40 years and the owner of several different auction companies. My sister and I both attended the same auction school as my dad when we were both straight out of high school at Western College of Auctioneer in Billing, MT. Johan has been working auctions for over 15 years. My dad and sister do several charity auctions every year, and they put on a huge show every time. A few years ago she did the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Auction in Las Vegas at the Lady’s Luncheon at the South Point Hotel and Casino, where she sold Tuff Cooper’s NFR boots for over $10,000.

So I am calling all the Gypsy-Sisters out there to turn those TV’s on and watch the show!  Actually watch it for the next 6 episodes that they are on! Tweet and Facebook them and let A&E know how much you love them on the show. Also, check out  I-15Auctions and their Facebook while your at it! You just might find something you like!

Tune in on your A&E channel every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m Central.

Lets show some #gypsylove for my family

LoVe xoxo- LO

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