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Eat clean, eat right, and work out. This is the story of my life! My 39th birthday is coming up fast and it’s amazing how things are just not staying where they should!  In the last year, my eyes have not wanted to work as fast as I think they should. My hearing I just found out, thanks to my sweet friend Kristin’s son Cole and his phone app, I apparently have the hearing of a 55 year old… Really?

Being a mother, a wife, and a woman, it is so important to keep my health headed in the right direction.  Being these things in addition to our busy schedules, it’s easy to make your health the last thing to think about.  It’s easy to let all your other demands take over your life and not put your health first.

I have made a promise to myself that everyday I will do something for my health, whether I eat right, exercise, or sleep a little bit longer.  I may not eat right all day everyday, but I try to make better and wiser choices. My thinking is if I do a little more everyday then it will get a whole lot easier to change my eating and thinking habits.

I know some of you are reading this saying just jump all in, and trust me that is normally how I do things too, but when I am traveling sometimes you just have to eat what you can.  Especially when Amy and I go to China or other countries. The best part of traveling is most all places we stay at have great gyms for working out. It definitely makes it easier on us!

Not being home with my two girls gives me that extra time to get my body moving.  I just bought the NEW T-25 workout with Shaun T from the Insanity work out. It’s my second week and I love it.  Its 25 minutes of sweat and it’s easy to do. It makes you feel great and I can find 25 minutes every morning to do it.  I also LOVE the Shakeology powder that it comes with. Its an easy and good protein drink.  I still love working out with my trainer at the gym, but with the girls out of school and me trying to get our new company launched, it’s hard to make the time to drive to the gym everyday.  For now, I will eat a little bit better everyday and do my T-25. Not only is it great for my waist, but most importantly for my mind!

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Simple things I do that help me stay on track…

When I go food shopping, I buy for the house and the office so I can have good food around me.  It’s true, shop on the outside aisle of the store!  Learn to love protein shakes. Keep trying different kinds until you find one that you like, but make sure it’s low in sugar.  I get up just a littler earlier every morning so I can have that 25 minutes to work out to my T-25. Download apps on your phone so you  know how many calories that salad at Chili’s really is.

Good Luck and e-mail me for any questions or I would love to her great things you are doing to help you stay on track! I love learning better ways to be healthier.

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