Like A Boss


What’s it mean to be a Soule Sister Boss? To me, it means keeping your power, or, if it’s something you’ve lost, taking your power back. It’s more than just being the boss at work; it’s about being the boss of your destiny and your dreams while doing it in a graceful and polite way. Being a Soule Sister Boss means being true to you and those around you.

Sometimes, being a boss means taking the drama out of your life, maybe more appropriately, the people who create drama. I think it’s important to learn my five red flags of negative people. People who exhibit any of these red flags are capable of bringing you down and preventing you from being a Soule Sister Boss.

No. 1: People who make fun of other people. It’s ridiculous. Everybody’s different, everybody’s weird, everybody’s strange. Embrace differences and let’s learn to love them, regardless of their flaws. After all, we’re all made in God’s image, right?

No. 2: People who constantly criticize you and others around them. You know what? Look at yourself in the mirror. Criticize yourself, change your problems, fix your problems. Then, embrace what you can’t change, because God made you who you are!

No. 3: People who say, “Well, you really can’t do that.” Really? I can’t? Well, watch my smoke! (That’s me being sassy and responding to someone telling me I can’t do something…ha ha haaaa). These people just don’t get who you are, and if they don’t get you, then they won’t be capable of helping you achieve your dreams, and they damn sure won’t celebrate when you do achieve your dreams.

No. 4: Negative, negative, negative. These are the people who have nothing nice to say…ever. Stay away from those people! It’s so easy to get caught up in that. The people who can only say, “I can’t,” or, “They shouldn’t,” or, “The world sucks, we’re all going to die.” Forget it! Let’s make the best life we can. We’re only here for a short time, and who knows what we get to do after this? I’m going to have fun while I’m here, please join me!

No. 5: Just plain old nasty-ass people. There, I said it. Stay away from meanness and bad girl power. Stay away! Spend your time around people who make you feel good inside, who get you, who love you for truly who you are, but yet still love you enough to tell you something that you need to hear—like that you have broccoli in your teeth. LOL! Just kidding…sort of! But seriously, someone who will be honest because they love you and value you. Someone who’s like a…well…like a sister!


Did I just give you a lecture like mama does sometimes? Or like a sister does sometimes? Good! You need it, I need it! Sometimes we need to be reminded to focus on happiness, blessings and the good life, things that matter. Sometimes we need to scrub our brains of the dirt that accumulates, and scrub our lives of people we’ve let build up there that just don’t belong.

It’s  sort of spring cleaning of your Soule, and in order to be a Soule Sister Boss, every now and then, you’ve gotta clean house.

XOXO- Lorinda

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