Let’s Get This Party Started

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The year is off and running and Amy and I are on a plane to Denver. We’re ready to ROCK the  WESA Denver Market 2013

Here we go again!

Wow how about 2012! With the election and everything else that happened this year, I don’t know about you, but I am so happy it’s over. It’s like, let us know who & what, and lets just move on! Everyone has their own opinion of who should of won, or what should’ve happened, but all I know is what I can control & what I can do.

It’s time to get this NEW Soule Sista party started!

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This week we will be in Denver, and then we head straight to Dallas Market. We are over the top excited about the new AWESOME line we have done this year for Gypsy Soule®!

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We have all new EVERYTHING!  Jewels, footwear & clothing! Our new tack line with Equibrand®  is done with NEW hides that NO ONE has EVER seen before. Also, don’t forget that we have new footwear with Ariat®  that will be shipped in October and shirts from Rockmount®. Come to the show & be the FIRST to experience it!

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! You won’t be disappointed.

The best part everything goes together so if you love just one of the designs you are going to love it all!

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I know I know everyone keeps asking about our new company Crossed by Gypsy Soule®. All of the details are coming soon I promise. All I can say is you better be following us on Facebook  twitter and Instagram. Be sure to register on the site also.

It’s going to be amazing and HUGE! It will change everything & we know you will love it!

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So who was in Vegas for the amazing Fashion show? Yes it was crazy packed and over the top fabulous! MGM was the place to be! Did you see that it was on the Trevor Brazile show on GAC  the other night? We can’t wait for this coming year. Amy has already started putting outfits together & she has started hunting down new ideas for our NFR booth! So get those tickets booked for December and stay at the MGM.

It’s definitely the place to be!

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Amy and I want to say THANK YOU for being apart of our dream and for being a Soule-Sista or a Gypsy-Sister whatever is more fitting.  We want all of you to own & love who you are. Everything is not always perfect and everything does not always go as planned. Life is short…so take your blessings when you can get them.

Just remember to always love yourself just the way you are!

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