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Things are crazy in #GypsyLand…..Yes, mine and Amy’s right hand gypsy is about to have her first baby. AHAHHAHH!! We are all so excited for Christi and her husband Casey. Christi attended UNT when she first started working for Gypsy Soule almost 6 years ago, and I can still remember the first day she started. One of my favorite things about Christi is she always has a big smile on her face even when she is faking it!

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Amy and I just wanted y’all to see the great pictures that she had done with her baby tummy, and we want to wish her lots of luck. Baby Chase should be here any day now!  I can remember being prego with my girls and how HUGE I felt. I was very sick with both of my girls and so has poor Christi. I told her it just makes your baby extra special.  She comes in everyday to make sure I am doing her job right so that I am better prepared once baby Chase makes his debut. I told her once she sees her sweet baby boy she will not care about #gypsyland for a while.  We will miss her while she is out, but I have a feeling I will be spending extra time getting my baby fix! It’s definitely the best kind. Once your finished, you give them back to their mamma!

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